Arizona District Junior Leadership Training Academy

The Junior Leadership Training Academy (JLTA) is a series of fun and exciting specialty camps which help boys grow, learn and practice leadership skills, teamwork in a challenging and exciting experience. These camps are briefly described below:

JTC  Junior Training Camp is the first leadership camp which is the starting point for the Trail to the Saber.  Boys learn by being active members within a patrol. They will set up their own camp, cook their own meals, and learn patrol formations and drill.  The following skill merits are earned; Blue Compass and Green Dutch Oven Cooking.  The following skills are reviewed: Fire Craft, Rope Craft and Lashing.

AJTC  Advanced Junior Training Camp picks up where JTC left off.  Again the boys work together in patrols, further their leadership training.  The following skill merits are earned: Green Pioneering and Green Orienteering.

WSAC  Winter Survival Action Camp is designed to teach cold weather safety and camping skills. The camp begins with classroom instruction followed by setting tents in the snow, building primitive snow shelters, spending one night in the cold and includes snow shoe hiking. JSC is held in the Flagstaff area. The following skill merit is earned: Silver Winter Camping

CAC  Canoe Action Camp teaches canoeing techniques and safety. Following instruction, the boys will canoe down river, camp on the banks; the trip typically covers a little over 25 miles. JCE is held on the Colorado River. The following skill merit is earned: Green Canoeing, along with the 25 Mile patch.

MAC  Missions Action Camp gives boys experience in actual mission fields, where they serve during Camp Meetings, do some minor repairs and hear from missionaries who are actually do what God has called them to do. The camp is held at the Whiteriver Indian reservation.

SAC  Survival Action Camp teaches Wilderness survival skills, primitive shelter building, primitive fire starting, safety and rescue. JSC also includes a 24 hour survival period where the boys fend for themselves in a safe and supervised atmosphere. The following skill merits are earned: Green Primitive Shelters, Green Traps and Snares and Silver Wilderness Survival.

BAC  Backpacking Action Camp teaches Open country hiking using topographical maps and compass.  The camp begins with a classroom instruction followed by a 10 to 16 mile two day long hike in the Coconino National Forest. The following skill merit is earned: Green Back Packing.